Want To Add Power To Your V6 Camaro?

Posted: July 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

So you have thought about making some extra power out of your V6 Camaro, Here are some ways to get a little more grunt into your beast!  Like most; not everyone can splurge on modifications and we have to set budgets that we or our significant(sigh) set. Most modifications do increase engines potential but, if you want the most bang for you buck; there are supercharger and turbo kits for your V6. Yes those are expensive options, but if you want instant 100rwhp+ increase its the only way to go. Lets start off on simple cheap/cost affective modifications that bump up your horsepower.

Intakes – Ok so what is an intake? An Intake kit replaces your stock air-box which connects to your intake manifold via. plastic or stainless steal tube with some type of filter connected. Most stock vehicle air-boxs are restricted and wont allow much air to flow. Installing a intake kit will give your car a better way to breathe. With more air coming in = more power. An air intake in my opinion is a must have for all cars. It can also increase gas mileage and provide a more distinct sound. Plus very simple 15 minute install. A couple terms you might see around is cold-air intake, short ram, or even ram-air. To quickly explain, cold-air intakes use a longer tube car-to-car basis that will lead the filter to a more open space away from the engine closer to fresh air. Short ram intakes simply means a shorter tube and its directly in the engine bay. Now Ram-air is basically a short ram intake that is assisted by a hood-scoop so it gets more air

here are some popular Intakes we have for V6 Camaro

G5CR Stage 2 Intake

K&N Typhoon Intake

Exhaust – Now an exhaust is a great way to add power while also changing the exhaust note for a more aggressive or subtle sound. An exhaust adds power by having a better free flowing design. Exhaust can also make a car look even better. With a polished finish and dual exits it can enhance the aggressiveness and sound. Exhausts can come in a couple ways, for performance gains you need to get a cat-back. A cat-back exhaust connects to the cars catalytic converter. Axle backs replace the muffler, it changes the exhaust note but no performance gains.

we carry many manufactures at the lowest prices around.

Corsa Cat-Back Exhaust

SLP Loud Mouth Axle-Back

Nitrous- Now Nitrous, yes NOS!, really does work. When you heat nitrous oxide to about 570 degrees F (~300 C), it splits into oxygen and nitrogen. So the injection of nitrous oxide into an engine means that more oxygen is available during combustion. Because you have more oxygen, you can also inject more fuel, allowing the same engine to produce more power. Find a place to fill your bottle and run it on the track!

ZEX Nitrous kit

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